Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Triple Goddess

Photo taken by Kori Fitch in Genoa, Italy, Cimitero Di Staglieno
The triple goddess are found in the most unusual places. The physical world only has shrines in Old Europe/Greece. In the new world we don't have any other than modern art in a gallery. The triple goddess origin comes from the moon cycles waxing, waning and full as women's biological body is a perfect match to the cylces of the moon. It was not hard for the primitive man to figure this out and thus female became sacred. The triple goddess represents the maiden, mother and crone. Some people say that birth, rebirth and death also have to do with the goddess.
This photo from the Cimitero Di Staglieno is overwhelming. I did not know what it meant. I do believe that my unconscious knew it completely and immediately and that is why I felt compelled to taka a picture of it. I have never seen anything like it before or since. It is the enigma. There are three woman in a quite estatic pose- as if to say "Oh Death, have you come in again, and thank you oh you who transform me into another realm!!!!" It is a positve posture which is so wild and unexplainable for a western person. It must point to some to other culture or belief system. Some completely different worldview than the Christian undercurrent that surely is the only guidance system we hold now. These females are bent back in some form of intense passion and they are put on purpose on a tomb. Some person said do three woman and make them look like they have serious passion in their form. You can count on an Italian artist to do justice to the medium. I mean I sometimes think the Italian Artist is the highest human potential to ever exist. Their passiona and form and devotion to art is nothing short than a miracle. Death, Life, Art and passion all mixed in a lovely melody of enigma that puts me in a state of "awe." It is the answer and I still don't know what it all really means. It is god, the mystery, the unnamed, the beauty and it is imperfection here on Earth. And I will take another spoonful joyfully.

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