Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Gospel of Mary- What if a Woman Apostle Existed

In the end it is about the story and the message carried over the years. This post is not about if Jesus existed or if Mary existed but about the message that has been entrenched into our western psyche. What has happened to the story over the years is what we call mythology. Now I do not mean to offend any fundamental believers of the Bible. My purpose is to explore the psychological effect of the Bible on the Western culture. I also want to a pose a very serious question. If Jesus would of had a female disciple that was not just hanging around, but very spiritually evolved herself, would we have a different perspective toward woman or our own human evolution? Even the atheist and agnostics who grew up in the western world are influenced by the worldview that has come from the Bible or Catholic church. Our time is measured by the birth of a Savior.

The question is about Mary, specifically the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. This writing was found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt. The first time people became aware of this manuscript was in Cairo in 1896. This a very radical statement for the Orthodox believers in the world. I am more concerned with the idea of what she would have said and how will it change our view of our mythology, the Bible and our view of women. It would be similar to finding a great piece of literature that could of influenced the whole world in a different way if it was found early. What if we never had Plato's Republic. What would the world be like?

"Be vigilant, and allow no one to mislead you
by saying:
'Here it is!' or
'There it is!'
for it is within you
that the Son of Man dwells.
Go to him,
for those who seek him, find him."
(Mary 8:15-24)

Be vigilant my friends do not let me tell you one way or another how it would be if there was a woman that was spiritual enough to be in the inner circle with Jesus. Ponder this thing yourself and question whether there was some ulterior motive as to why there is no women who were among the twelve apostles.
The other part is what if Jesus and Mary were partners and this is not to bring Jesus down, but to address the issue of spiritual evolution. What if they were partners because they were spiritually equal.

Logion 114 - The Gospel of Thomas:
"Simon Peter said to him:
'Let Mary leave us,
for a women are not fit for the Life.'
Jesus answered:
"See, I have been guiding her so
as to make here into a human(Anthropos).
She, too, will become
a living breath, like you.
Any woman who becomes a human
will enter the Kingdom of God."

This all sounds really religious but is just a metaphor for how we shall become fully human which means to listen and become our full potential. How do we do this? The French translator of the Gospel of Mary, Jean-Yves Leloup says that what is meant by Thomas' recall of what Jesus said about being Human is to incorporate the female energy with the masculine energy- we need balance. One should not be dominant over the other. Jung said the same thing in his study of the human psyche, anima- the female quality in a male and the animus- the masculine quality in a female. The Chinese already use this daily in their philosophy and medicine which is known as the Yin and Yang. Each organ has an attribute according to Chinese medicine.

Where you seek your answers is not important, but to ponder these questions and new found text is essential for our understanding of how to become the full human that we were meant to be. We are not there yet, but something is shifting.

The Gospel of Mary is a radical shift from anything we have know from the traditional gospels. It is esoteric and complex. There is hardly any parables and is very Gnostic in nature. It seems as we explore these lost hidden text we find that parables were really only a tiny part of what Jesus was really saying. We must go deeper into the mystery and find the answers for ourselves.

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